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Raiding, raid-recruits and other news.

Bikkjen, Nov 19, 12 8:33 AM.

Thought i'd start up this segment again since we progress in the raids like mother truckers. Tomorrow Tuesday we'll go at it again and by then i'll get myself some ice cream for the lack of DPS. Something is a bit off for me, besides my terrible item level that is. Anyhow, we are glad to announce that Brewford is joining the family of cats that is Kitten mittens. Brewford has as you may know been raiding with us but form another guild for the last few times and apparently it wasn't enough to cover his thirst for kittens - he wanted more. He-wanted-in. Also a new appearance in the guild (even though it's her second) is Kwinh! Great to have you back!

So again, welcome to the family guys and see you all tomorrow at the battlefield!


Bikkjen, Aug 28, 12 1:55 PM.
There're a whooole lot coming back to Azeroth now before MoP, it's insane. In the next few days I'm going to try to recruit some new ones so let's all make them feel welcome when they arrive!

Back in beez knees 3/8

Bikkjen, Aug 9, 12 1:30 PM.
Nice going, tonight we aim for a new HC takedown. See ya in there kitties.

Yor'sahj the none sleeper

Bikkjen, Aug 2, 12 5:02 PM.
Fucking nice job guys, we're really getting a grip on this thing.

Thanks everyone and we'll go at it again on Thuesday!


Bikkjen, Jul 15, 12 11:28 AM.
As you may know, the tempo during the summer is two notches beneath usual. I myself haven't been online too much the last 2-3 due to different things but I'll be online much more from here on out.

I've been talking to Rumham and we're aiming to do our official comeback with organized raids and such right after the summer but until then I know there's a few guys, now including myself, that do old raids and different things so don't you loose hope kittens.

About MoP, we're looking to start off as soon as that expansion hits the stores so keep at it kittys.

Over and out!

Yours truly

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